"The Artificial Clockmaker"

by William Derham




This Ebook is a facsimile copy of  "The Artificial Clockmaker" by
William Derham D.D, F.R.S. (1657 - 1735), in its fourth edition of 1759. The first edition was published in 1697.

It was not the first book on the subject, as Derham himself says in his preface, but it was certainly one of the first to be accessible to the less educated reader. Derham was fortunate to be a contemporary of Langley Bradley (who built the Hampton Court clock, and the first at St. Paul's), Thomas Tompion, and Robert Hooke, and he acknowledges their help in writing his treatise.

It is stored in PDF format.






0 Preface and Contents i
1 Of the terms of Art - Nomenclature of Parts 1
2 The art of Calculation 10

Section 1 - Preliminary Rules


Section 2 - To Calculate the Numbers of Watch-work

Section 3 - Calculation of the Striking Part 36
Section 4 - Of Quarters and Chimes 49
Section 5 - To Calculate Numbers for the Celestial Motions 57
3 To Alter Clockwork 67
4 To Size Wheels and Pinions 74
5 Of Pendulums 77
6 The Antiquity and History of Clock-Work 91
7 The Invention of Pendulum-Clocks 103
8 The Invention of Pocket Pendulum-Watches 109
9 The Invention of Repeating-Clocks 116
10 Numbers for Various Movements 119
11 Of the Government of Chronometers, with Tables for Clock-Work 139



This Edition prepared and published by Ian Coote B.Sc, MBHI