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Sample Repairs 

Here are some examples of recent repair work

Brass dial longcase circa 1740.


Thorough cleaning was essential here. Damp had caused green corrosion to the plates and wheels and the steelwork was rusty. The silvered dial had become blackened; hands were rusty and bent and the hour hand was a much later replacement in the wrong style. The original bell had been replaced with a wire gong. The case looks like mahogany, but is in fact painted pine. The whole case was in danger of collapse, and needed very careful restoration to remove the bubbling varnish from the surface, but preserve the original painted wood effect.









 The case had been cut down at the base, but it was decided not to attempt restoration to the original height.



Restoration included making a new hammer and bell staff in the correct style.

2. Repeating French carriage clock

This beautiful carriage clock with Sèvres porcelain panels is an example of a clock where appearance is important. In addition to the usual repairs and cleaning, the movement was polished, the platform silvered and the case re-gilded.


 3. Musical Longcase 1810

 The clock's owner preferred not to restore the dial.

 Two stages in replacing a broken tooth in the musical train

I made the row of brass springs below the hammers to replace a very crude repair.




This clock plays one of four tunes every 3 hours, changing tunes through the week. It also shows date and phases of the moon

 Setting up complex clocks like this takes a lot of time and patience.

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