Waltham Half-hunter
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Waltham Half-hunter 
Waltham hunter 
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W529 Waltham Riverside 18 carat gold half-hunter pocket watch.

  • A superb gold half-hunter with top quality 19 jewel Waltham Riverside movement in a heavy 18 carat Dennison case.

  • The pendant set,16 size,19 jewel bridge movement has gold jewel settings, gold centre wheel and patent regulator The compensated balance is fitted with overcoil balance spring.
  • RIVERSIDE is the name used by the Waltham factory for one of its highest quality grades.
  • The plain white enamel single sunk dial has one fine hairline crack across the centre.
  • The case, a little dented on the back, is by A.L. Dennison and carries a Birmingham hallmark for 1905.
  • 50mm diameter

Circa 1905




This watch is fully overhauled and guaranteed.

Please contact me further details.

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