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Jewelling attachment by American Watch Tool Co. (patent 1876)

This works in much the same way as the mandrel, but has a precise way of measuring to cut sinks for jewels.


American Watch Tool Co. Jewelling attachment

The Jewelling tool

The watch plate is clamped in the face plate at left. The jewel is set in the indexing device on top, and the position of the cutter is set by the pantograph effect of the hinged arm.

Here is the cutter boring into the watch plate (The face plate with its dogs works exactly like a Mandrel)

The curved arm on the right is hinged, and is moved with the handle, extreme right, until the indexing device rests against the jewel.

Set the top slide against the jewel.Move the other slide up to it, then the jewel can be removed. The lower slide indexes the cutter position.

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