Poising tools
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Poising Tools

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Poising Tool and calipers

 To ensure that the balance is poised, or balanced

Poising Tool

 The poising tool in use


The poising tool is a simple device, but it must be made with great precision. The jaws in this example are made of ruby.

First the tool is levelled, using the screwed feet and the spirit level on the left. The jaws are opened to the right size and the balance is placed on the jaws, supported by its pivots. If the same part of the balance always rolls to the bottom, it is not poised, and weight must be added or removed until there is no bias. Serious positional errors result from an out of poise balance. 


Poising Calipers

.poising calipers in use A selection of calipers

Poising calipers in use A selection of different types of calipers

Calipers can be used in the same way as the poising tool.
They are also used to true a balance which is bent out of round or out of flat.


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